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  1. His Name is Jesus - (Jesus’ means ‘Yahweh saves.’ In the man from Nazareth, the salvation promised by the God of Israel arrived in all its glory) - {PDF Copy}
  2. The Incommunicable Name - (The Incommunicable Name of God, its meaning and significance, according to Joseph Bryant Rotherham)
  3. Son of David - (Jesus is the son of David and heir to the Messianic Throne, the beloved Son of God, and the Suffering Servant of Yahweh) - {PDF Copy}
  4. Son of Abraham - (Jesus is the true Son of Abraham, the heir of the promises, the Anointed One who fulfills and implements the inheritance for his people) - {PDF Copy}
  5. Servant of Yahweh - (Paul summons believers to adopt the same mind that Jesus had when he poured out his life unto death for others – Philippians 2:5-11) - {PDF Copy}
  6. The Son of Man - (The one like a Son of Man in Daniel is the source of Christ’s self-designation as the Son of Man and his authority) - {PDF Copy}
  7. The Living Word - (Jesus is the Word made flesh in whom the glory of God is revealed, the same Word by which God created all things) - {PDF Copy}
  8. Light of the World - (Jesus is the only true light in the World, and he shines all the brighter in the darkness revealing life for men and women) - {PDF Copy}
  9. Royal Servant - (Following his baptism in the Jordan River, the voice from Heaven identified Jesus as the Son of God and the Servant of the LORD) - {PDF Copy}

Light in Darkness - Photo by Mike Lorusso on Unsplash
[Photo by Mike Lorusso on Unsplash]